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Small Jade rug [2x3'] [to order]
  • Small Jade rug [2x3'] [to order]
  • Small Jade rug [2x3'] [to order]
  • Small Jade rug [2x3'] [to order]
  • Small Jade rug [2x3'] [to order]
  • Small Jade rug [2x3'] [to order]

Small Jade rug [2x3'] [to order]

Mark Krebs


This rug was hand-woven in northern India before ending up on your floor. Its softness makes it ideal for lounging, lying down, and raising yourself off the ground.

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- On command. Delivery time of 3 to 7 days.
- Dimensions: 2' x 3'
- Composition: 80% New Zealand wool (weft), 20% undyed cotton (warp)
- 100% of the materials used are natural, which means that the colors and patterns of your rug will be slightly different from those of your friend, for example.
About the collection
JADE is a loose flat weave made on a manual loom, which allows the softness of the wool to fall on your feet. In this flat weave style, the wool weft represents 90% of the total weight of the rug - soft!
Flat weaves are dense, durable and strong... even the lightest ones. This means that you will be happy together for a while, as long as you take care of each other. Here are some simple tips to enjoy your carpet for a long time:

01. Professional dry cleaning is your best friend
02. If you spill a liquid on the carpet, do not hesitate to absorb it immediately with a damp cloth
03. Clean it regularly with a vacuum cleaner
04. If you see a thread sticking out, resist the urge to pull! Simply cut off the excess with sharp scissors
05. We recommend using a rug pad which will hold it in place and prevent the weave from loosening over time.

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