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  • 44 | In short, posters 02

    44 | Bref, affiches 02

    Translate words into images.
    To tell, express and bring to life.

    Memories, features, shapes.
    But above all, imagination.

    In short, Posters 02
    Theme presented from July 13 to September 3, 2023

    Creators featured:
    Agathe Sorlet [France]
    Amélie Lehoux [QC]
    Amélie Tourangeau [QC]
    Ana Popescu [Romania]
    Anne-Julie Dudemaine [QC]
    Ariane Zita [QC]
    Aha Workshop [Netherlands]
    Benjamin Deshaies [QC]
    Camille Bertini [QC]
    Cassandra Jetten [QC]
    Cécile Gariepy [QC]
    Chaimae Khouldi [QC]
    Claudia Fortin [QC]
    In the teeth [France]
    Darvee [QC]
    Francesco Ciccolella [Austria]
    Freya Perron [Canada]
    Nice tulip [QC]
    Giselle Dekel [Israel]
    Gurilla [Faroe Island]
    Imogen Crossland [England]
    Janick Rousseau [QC]
    Jean Jullien [France]
    Joe O'Donnell [England]
    Jean Wei [Canada]
    Jeraume [QC]
    Jimmy Beaulieu [QC]
    Jose Roda [Spain]
    Julien Roudaut [QC]
    Just cool design [Spain]
    La Brebis Croqueuse [QC]
    La Charbonne [QC]
    Lauren Morsley [Scotland]
    Léa Morichon [France]
    Lis Xu [Canada]
    Lisa Congdon [United States]
    Magali Brueder [France]
    Marc-André Filion [QC]
    Marie-Pier Guilmain [QC]
    Marina Ester Castaldo [Italy]
    Matias Larrain [France]
    Mogu Takahashi [Japan]
    Morgane Fadanelli [France]
    Nao Tatsumi [Japan]
    Odile Ferraille [France]
    Paul Thurlby [UK]
    Philippe Lareau [QC]
    Rachel Handmade goods [QC]
    Raymond Biesinger [QC]
    Roda [Spain]
    Samuel Jacques [QC]
    Simon Bailly [France]
    Sophie Page [United States]
    Sophie Joubarne [QC]
    The Fake Museum [QC]
    Tyson Bodnarchuk [Canada]
    Vincent Tourigny x All [QC]
    Zack Rosebrugh [United States]

    and more

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a creator or product of this theme!