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  • New Season Paper wallpaper collection

    Nouvelle collection de papier peint Season Paper

    In January 2023, during our visit to the Maison&Objet show in Paris, we discovered the Season Paper wallpaper collection, and we found them so beautiful that we decided to bring them back to Montreal with us.

    Season Paper is a story of friendship formed at the Atelier National d'Art Textile in Paris. Between looms and spools of thread, Julie Costaz and Mélissa Le Vaguerèse experiment with the material, learning the gestures, the know-how and the time it takes to go from thread to fabric.

    There they developed a love of soft colors, natural materials, small accidents that create beautiful surprises, sketches and imperfections of hand drawing.

    Once graduated, still driven by the desire to create with their hands but this time with another gesture, that of drawing, they founded Season, their pattern studio, and have collaborated since 2011 with numerous brands, for whom they create exclusive prints for fashion, home and stationery.

    A year later, in 2012, Season Paper was born from the desire to place this imagination on the material and to bring these patterns to life on objects designed and shaped for them.

    Season after season, Julie and Mélissa design collections according to their inspirations. Nature, architecture, or just everyday things, it all starts with a walk, a color, a desire to travel... always with the idea of ​​freely creating timeless and unique patterns and objects at heart. Pencils, pastels, paint, ink, Ipad, felt-tip pens, all designs are made by hand.

    The common thread of their creation is joyfully unstructured. It often starts with a drawing, carefully chosen from the studio's collections, which calls for the creation of a second, then a third and so on. The patterns begin to respond to each other, the theme of the collection takes shape. It is this dialogue between Julie's drawings and those of Mélissa which creates the right balance and the very particular line of the Season Paper collections.

    Then comes the choice of colors, vibrant, soft, electric, luminous according to the desires and intuition of the moment. An essential work and a subtle balance to find to tell a little more about the theme of the collection.

    Bold, poetic, naive or wild illustrations.

    Prints like traveling companions, both intimate and universal, which enhance everyday life.

    We are now presenting at Lettre, on the La Maison side, the collection of non-woven wallpapers from Season Paper: hand-drawn patterns and responsibly printed in France with vegetable inks on paper from sustainably managed forests in Europe; high-end wallpapers with a controlled carbon footprint, produced to order to limit unsold items and surpluses.

    What is non-woven wallpaper?

    Non-woven paper is made of natural fibers (cellulose) compacted and compressed together. It is the material that is used to make coffee filters, gauze pads, masks and tea bags.

    In non-woven paper, the fibers are dispersed in all directions, which makes it more resistant than traditional paper, and gives it several advantages when used as wallpaper:

    • it can be handled without tearing and is easily cut, which allows it to be installed more quickly. In addition, the glue is applied directly to the wall rather than gluing the sheet, which also speeds up installation.
    • it is thicker than traditional paper, and can thus hide small imperfections on the walls.
    • it is waterproof and washable, and can therefore be placed in the bathroom because it resists humidity and splashes. It can also be cleaned by gently dabbing with a damp sponge.
    • when you want to change the decoration, to peel it off, simply moisten it with a spray bottle then pull in the corners. The strip should come off without tearing if you used a suitable glue.

    Installing non-woven wallpaper in your home is like transforming your interior in the blink of an eye: enlarging it, giving it an effect of depth, completely changing the mood and atmosphere of the room.

    How to install non-woven wallpaper?

    Necessary material :
    Glue suitable for non-woven paper, plastic bucket (if your glue is powder), roller or brush, upholsterer's brush, level or plumb line, painter's tape, sponge, ruler and precision knife.

    Preparing the walls:
    Walls must be smooth, clean and dry. If necessary, apply a white undercoat of paint to be able to place the wallpaper on a neutral base.

    Installing the wallpaper:
    Define the location of your strip and draw a slight vertical line using a level or a plumb line in order to lay the strip perfectly vertical.

    Prepare your glue in a bucket if it is powder.

    Apply a thin layer of glue to the wall only, using a brush or roller, on a section slightly larger than your strip. Be careful never to glue the non-woven paper and not to apply the glue in a thick layer so as not to moisten it too much.

    Immediately apply the strip to the wall starting from the top then unroll it to the bottom. If your strip is poorly positioned or if creases form, do not hesitate to lift it slightly and reposition it.

    Gently wipe the excess glue with a slightly damp sponge, avoiding overly moistening the non-woven fabric.

    Smooth the strip with a delicate brush from the middle to the top and bottom of the strip, in order to remove air bubbles.

    Adjust the strip to the bottom of the wall and cut if necessary using a ruler and a precision knife.

    Start again with the second strip, making sure to position it correctly to connect the pattern, without overlapping the first strip.

    If you have several rolls of wallpaper, you can cut your second strip from a second roll to limit losses due to pattern matching. Then alternate between the two rollers to cut the following strips.

    If bubbles appear after installation, wait 48 hours for them to resolve on their own.


    Find Season Paper wallpapers here , and don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions, or need help with your order!