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  • June > VerdunLuv pop-up in Verdun!

    Juin > Pop-up VerdunLuv à Verdun !
    From June 1st, Brief takes over Wellington Street in Verdun to present the 2nd edition of our Posters exhibition in pop-up mode! Throughout the month of June, discover the work of more than 50 artists from here and elsewhere through an exhibition presenting a selection of posters in various formats and styles.
    We invite you to the launch party of this space which will welcome us in June, the VerdunLuv Pop-up Boutique, a commercial revitalization project created by SDC Wellington.
    Come immerse yourself in the world of the illustrators presented and toast this new project with us!
    > Wine and cocktails
    > Family and pet friendly
    Artists featured:
    Agathe Singer [France]
    Agathe Sorlet [France]
    All The Way To Paris [Denmark]
    Amélie Lehoux [QC]
    Amélie Tourangeau [QC]
    Ana Popescu [Romania]
    Anne-Julie Dudemaine [QC]
    Ariane Zita [QC]
    Audrey Malo [QC]
    Benjamin Deshaies [QC]
    Camille Bertini [QC]
    Cécile Gariepy [QC]
    Chaimae Khouldi [QC]
    Claudia Fortin [QC]
    Clorinde [France]
    Darvee [QC]
    Francesco Ciccolella [Austria]
    Nice tulip [QC]
    Giselle Dekel [Austria]
    Gurilla [Faroe Island]
    Imogen Crossland [England]
    Janick Rousseau [QC]
    Jean Jullien [France]
    Joe O'Donnell [England]
    Jean Wei [Canada]
    Jeraume [QC]
    Jose Roda [Spain]
    Julien Roudaut [QC]
    Just cool design [Spain]
    La Charbonne [QC]
    Léa Morichon [France]
    Lis Xu [Canada]
    Lisa Congdon [United States]
    Magali Brueder [France]
    Marc-André Filion [QC]
    Marie-Pier Guilmain [QC]
    Marina Ester Castaldo [Italy]
    Min Pin [Australia]
    Mogu Takahashi [Japan]
    Odile Ferraille [France]
    Philippe Lareau [QC]
    Rachel Handmade goods [QC]
    Raman Djafari [Germany]
    Raymond Biesinger [QC]
    Samuel Jacques [QC]
    Simon Bailly [France]
    Sophie Page [United States]
    Studiopepe [Italy]
    Tyson Bodnarchuk [Canada]
    Vincent Tourigny x All [QC]
    Zack Rosebrugh [United States]
    and more
    The exhibition will be held from June 1 to 29 inclusive at 3804 rue Wellington, in Verdun. Come visit us!