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  • Opening reception! Exhibition 50 artists ~ 50 posters

    Vernissage ! Expo 50 artistes  ~ 50 affiches
    From July 21, at Cadeau, discover the work of 50 artists from here and elsewhere through an exhibition presenting a selection of 50 posters.
    We invite you to the opening of this colorful exhibition on Thursday July 21 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    Come immerse yourself in the world of the illustrators presented and toast the new exhibition with us!
    Artists featured:
    Abbey Lossing [United States]
    Agathe Singer [France]
    Always Arriving [Canada]
    Anne-Julie Dudemaine [QC]
    Benoît Tardif [QC]
    Camille Bertini [QC]
    Camille Pomelo [QC]
    Catherine Lavoie [QC]
    Catherine White [QC]
    Cécile Gariepy [QC]
    Cybèle B. Pilon [QC]
    Daphnée Brisson-Cardin [QC]
    David Shrigley [Germany]
    Émilie Leduc [QC]
    Ève Laguë [QC]
    Florence Rivest [QC]
    Geneviève Darling aka Lovestruck prints [QC]
    Hello Marine [France]
    Jeraume [QC]
    Jose Roda [Spain]
    Judit Zengovari [Hungary]
    Julia GR [QC]
    Julien Posture [QC]
    Keith Jones [Canada]
    Luke Swinson [Canada]
    Marc-André Filion [QC]
    Marie Chanteur aka ilikemakingstufff [Sweden]
    Marina Ester Castaldo [Italy]
    Matías Larraín [Argentina]
    Mathieu Dionne [QC]
    Mathieu Potvin [QC]
    Mathilde Corbeil [QC]
    Melissa Mathieson [QC]
    Min Pin [Australia]
    Mireille St-Pierre [QC]
    Mobak [United States]
    Samuel Boucher aka Monsieur Eureka [QC]
    Myriam Van Neste [Austria]
    Natalia Oskiera [Poland]
    Odile Ferraille [France]
    Trouble package [QC]
    Rebecca Rooks [Canada]
    Sophie Joubarne [QC]
    Stéphanie Savard [QC]
    Kezna Dalz aka Teenadultt [QC]
    Teresa Rego [Portugal]
    Tess Smith Roberts [England]
    Thaïla Khampo [QC]
    Trevor Basset [United States]
    Tyson Bodnarchuk [Canada]
    The exhibition will be held from July 21 to September 11