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  • The Dorique collection by mpgmb

    La collection Dorique par mpgmb

    It’s already been 5 months since we opened the doors of La Maison to you!
    Have you ever come for a walk?

    If the answer is yes, you know that in this new redesigned home space, we present the work of artists, craftsmen, designers and emerging brands, who bring Alphabet's furniture and lighting collections to life.

    To pursue our vocation as a place of diffusion, we also wanted to punctuate these small and large everyday objects with the work of favorite artists, whom we invite to present a selection of their work, launch a new collection, exhibit new experiments, etc.

    After having presented to you the geometric and colorful canvases of Catherine Lavoie during our launch in November, here is another Capsule from La Maison, which highlights the Dorique collection from the Montreal duo mpgmb .

    Marie-Pier Guimain and Maud Beauchamp are two friends who met during their studies in industrial design and who have never stopped collaborating since.

    mpgmb is their common project, which they nourish alongside their respective careers, intuitively and spontaneously, according to their inspirations.
    Their collections are nourished by ideas drawn from their daily environment and their everyday discoveries, then merged to develop their own language and a distinctive signature.

    They explore the fields of furniture, products and interior architecture and create a varied and constantly evolving set of prototypes, small self-published series and objects produced in larger quantities.

    Through their projects, Marie-Pier and Maud hope to convey their enthusiasm for design and the know-how of their collaborators.

    From Thursday March 16 to Sunday April 16, 2023, come to the House to discover the Dorique collection , a collection of stoneware pots, vases and lighting fixtures, designed in Montreal and turned by hand, in a limited series of 10 copies, in the Îles de la Madeleine.

    For this collection, Marie-Pier and Maud were inspired by the Greek column and the Renaissance style, itself inspired by the Greek column. In particular, they studied the symmetry and balance of patterns and ornamentation, and reinterpreted these characteristics in a more current style and in more playful proportions.

    We thus find the grooves of the Doric column at the base or around the neck of the vases, and the handles become flourishes of exaggerated dimensions, distributed in a symmetrical and balanced manner on the vases.

    mpgmb worked in collaboration with Annie-Cécile Tremblay, the ceramist who took care of the production, to develop a raw material that recalls the materiality of Greek columns. The result is a clay to which pyrite (black crushed stone) and chamotte (shards of cooked clay) have been added which bring texture and relief to the pieces in the collection.

    The duo then sought to transpose their explorations and inspirations onto another medium. Marie-Pier represented certain pieces from the collection in a graphic and colorful way, using acrylic on textured paper.

    The Dorique collection therefore includes, in addition to the vases and lighting fixtures, a series of 6 posters reproducing the originals inspired by the pieces in the collection.

    The Dorique collection can be discovered at La Maison until April 16.

    We will also have the last pieces from their previous Horizons collection,
    come see us!

    Photo credit: Stephany Hildebrand
    Putting posters into context by mpgmb