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MURAL Festival | June 6 to 16, 2019 | Montreal

  • Benjamin Deshaies

    Benjamin Deshaies
    His sketches are created from in-kind observations of rare and magnificent creatures discovered during his travels to distant lands.
  • Marc-Olivier Lamothe

    Marc-Olivier Lamothe

    His universe is mainly composed of abstract shapes, natural elements and living creatures integrated into a two-dimensional and colorful environment.

  • Vincent Tourigny

    Vincent Tourigny
    Following college studies in Arts and illustration, Vincent Tourigny completed a bachelor's degree in graphic design at UQAM.
  • Julien Roudaut

    Julien Roudaut
    In 2016, he created the collective “On n’a rien stole” which aims to offer exhibitions in art galleries and installations during festivals.
  • La Charbonne

    La Charbonne
    Drawing inspiration from the world that surrounds it on a daily basis, La Charbonne likes to use visual elements that sometimes recall the world of the 80s and 90s.
  • Elie Chap

    Elie Chap
    In his works, he presents a deep narrative structure using an iconographic universe that comes from real-life stories.